ReproUnion is a cross border collaboration between Sweden and Denmark within the area of reproductive medicine in the Øresund Region. The regional universities and hospitals are joining forces with leading international research institutes and industrial stakeholders to solve five major global reproductive challenges, which are of great individual and social concern:

1: Improving male fertility
2: Optimizing reproductive health outcomes
3: Securing female ovarian function
4: Preventing infertility-related morbidity
5: Improving fertility awareness

ReproUnion is based on a multi-disciplinary network of 12 clinical and research units in Greater Copenhagen as well as Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Medicon Valley Alliance. The strong cross border collaboration positions the region as leading in the work to overcome involuntary childlessness. ReproUnion is funded by EU Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Region Skåne and Region Hovedstaden.

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