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MVA Oncology Network member = MVA member organization that has attended one MVA Oncology Network meeting.

Alligator Bioscience AB discovers and develops antibody-based drugs for immunotherapy of cancer. The pipeline comprises mono- and bispecific compounds for tumor-directed immunotherapy in pre-clinical and early clinical development.
In drug discovery, Alligator uses its proprietary technology platforms, the fully human antibody library, ALLIGATOR-GOLD®, and the protein optimization technology, FIND®.
Alligator was founded in 2001 and is located at Medicon Village in Lund. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Network objective
Alligator welcomes collaboration opportunities with biotech and academia. Our main areas of interest include novel modes of action in immuno-oncology as well as innovative strategies for tumor-localized immune activation, and partnerships may be in the form of in-licensing or co-development.

Contact: Eva Dahlén, Senior Director, Business Development: evd [at]

Anke provides product development services (biologicals, vaccines) with a focus on bioanalytical outsourcing (e.g. PK, immunogenicity, biomarkers). We help clients identify suitable vendors and retain control and oversight over outsourced activities. We provide guidance to clinical and regulatory teams on study specific bioanalytical requirements, and assist in writing regulatory submissions and responding to regulatory queries.

Network objective
We seek collaborations with biotech companies that consider future GLP/GCP compliant studies.

Contact: Anke Domdey, MSc, PhD, Founder, Senior Consultant: Anke.Domdey [at]

Bioneer A/S is a Danish research-driven advanced technology company with a broad portfolio of technologies and know-how within biomedicine and biotechnology. Our main focus areas are Molecular Histology & Detection, Human Disease Models, Pharmaceutical Formulation & Characterization, and Recombinant Protein Production. Bioneer is a Center of Excellence in advanced mRNA, lnRNA and microRNA ISH. We provide customized services relevant for the oncology field such as RNA ISH, multiplex and immunological analyses. We welcome partnerships both on a commercial basis as well as joint R&D projects.

Network objective
To discuss current topics within the oncological field; to retain knowledge about the latest trends and breakthroughs within oncology; to showcase Bioneer’s strengths in the field; and, to identify collaboration projects in oncology. 

Contact: Lovisa Sunesson, Sales & Business Development: lms [at]; Boye Schnack Nielsen, Business and Research Manager, Molecular Histology: bsn [at]


CanFaster is a four-year doctoral program, within cancer and entrepreneurship. The goal is to faster forward the discoveries in cancer research, to speed up the time from discovery to clinical practice. The candidates will undertake an aspiring and comprehensive training programme, which includes courses in entrepreneurship, innovation processes, as well as education in clinical aspects of cancer in addition to their research project.
Network objective
Our goal is to extend the collaboration between the program and the industry sector.  We wish to identify secondments for our students, to maximize the outcome of the project by expanding collaborative networks within oncology regionally and beyond.

Contact: canfaster [at]
Sara Ek, sara.ek [at]
Maria Klement, maria.klement [at]


Cantargia specialises in antibody-based cancer treatment. CAN04, the company’s patented antibody treatment, has a dual mechanism of action. CAN04 is targeting the molecule IL1RAP and fights cancer by activating the immune system and by blocking signals that lead to tumour growth. CAN04 has a potential to treat a number of different cancers and to become an important part of modern immuno-oncology. The clinical program is initially focused on non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and pancreatic cancer and clinical trials started in 2017. The aim is to develop a new drug with the potential to become an important part of future cancer treatment.
Cantargia was founded in 2009/2010 and is located at Medicon Village in Lund. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North, Stockholm

Network objective
Cantargia’s business strategy is to develop product candidates on a proprietary basis until an indication of clinical activity has been obtained. The first project to reach a clinical trial is CAN04, with the aim to have a partnership established after completion of the initial phase I/IIa study. Cantargia is, however, also open to collaborations at an earlier stage.

Contact: Göran Forsberg, CEO: goran.forsberg [at]


Cellevate is an innovative biotech company that develops next generation cell culture systems. We create highly porous and consistent networks of nanofibers through a patented manufacturing process. Cells in these networks are allowed to proliferate and interact with other cells in three dimensions, in contrast to the monolayer cultures seen on conventional two dimensional surfaces. Our goal is to provide 188金宝搏 researchers with more realistic in-vitro models, for more relevant data and successful research.

Network objective
We are looking for more collaborators interested in trying our cell culture products to see the value of 3D cell culture. We welcome both industrial and academic partners interested in everything from comparative studies and assay verification to novel research.

Contact: Maximilian Ottosson, CEO: Maximilian.ottosson [at]

COBIS A/S is an ambitious center of growth, creating the right conditions for the 188金宝搏 successes of tomorrow. COBIS has something to offer you regardless of whether you represent an established 188金宝搏 or biotech company, a CRO within 188金宝搏 , or even if you simply have a good idea and need help to get started. With +90 companies we are the largest cluster of 188金宝搏 startups in Denmark.

Network objective
To support the community for oncology startups in the region by providing access to state-of the-art offices and labs, development programs and pre-seed funding.

Contact: Morten Mølgaard Jensen, CEO: mmj [ at ]


CREATE Health is a Translational Cancer comprised of scientist and clinicians from four faculties at Lund University.

Using advanced “omics” technologies the aim is to solve problems identified in cancer clinics, both nationally and internationally. CREATE Health has a vast network of collaborative institutions, found in e.g. Oxford, NYC, Tianjin (China), Madrid etc.

 Network objective
Our main objective for this network is to increase awareness of cutting-edge companies/research and to promote collaborative efforts and M&A in this area.

Contact: Prof. Carl Borrebaeck, Director: carl.borrebaeck [ at ]
 Ulrika Axelsson, Deputy Director: ulrika.axelsson [ at ]

DANSK BIOTEK is a non-for-profit trade organisation aimed to ensure the best possible framework for research, development, and production for the biotechnology companies in Denmark. We work politically to improve the conditions for life-science ecosystem; especially medical biotech innovation, and we organize 4 major meetings for our members to increase knowledge-sharing regarding specific biotech topics and to facilitate networking. We also organize smaller “meet-the-expert” meetings advocating more in-depth discussions.

Network objective
– Increase the knowledge of modern biotechnology in the public
– Impact on the political agenda regarding the use of biotechnology and improve the framework conditions
– Create the best conditions in Denmark for the members’ research and development activities as well as production
– Promote the members’ interests – nationally and internationally

Contact: Kaya Plewnia, Front Office Manager: kp [ at ]

DanPET AB discovers and develops new concepts for cancer treatment such as PET based biomarkers and drug candidates based on nicotinic toxins.
Targeting alpha7nAChR for cancer intervention aim to reduce signaling downstream of the receptor rather than blocking it. DanPETC1 is such an example with desired functional properties similar to toxins, except the toxicity.  Current Drug Targets, 2012, 13, 680-687. [18F]NS10743 was used for characterization of glioblastoma in a xenograft model of brain cancer.
[3H]DanPET490 and [18F]DanPET490 were shown to be useful in monitoring angiogenesis.

Network objective
DanPET welcomes collaboration opportunities with biotech and academia. The technology platform of DanPET has found validity for the area of cancer together with HZDR in Leipzig and Edinburgh University and may be further developed in collaboration with new partners.

Contact: Dan Peters, founder & CEO: info [ at ]


HØIBERG: It is all about trust. We strive to be the trustworthy IP partner doing what it takes to secure your rights. HØIBERG focuses on predicting the IP needs of companies and preparing a future-proof protection for their inventions and trademarks in accordance with their business needs. HØIBERG collaborates with a wide range of national and international companies and organizations, and ensures that they get the most out of their ideas and products and thereby create and maintain new business opportunities.

Network objective
To discuss and share new knowledge in the field of oncology, and to contribute in sharing knowledge about how to secure patents on oncology inventions so that new knowledge can be commercialized to the benefit of patients.

Contact: Jens Viktor Nørgaard, Partner & European Patent Attorney: jvn [ at ]

Immunitrack ApS has key capabilities that may apply within the field of Immuno-oncology.  We are specialized in synthesis of MHC complex reagents for isolation of tumor specific T cells, and in vitro peptide binding assays that eliminate inaccuracies in traditional epitope prediction software such as netMHC. Our expertise has been validated through more than a decade of academic research and we are acknowledged as experts in this field.

Network objective
We are looking for customers for our products and services, collaborators with access to clinical data for further validation of our platform, or with interest in developing bi-specific antibodies targeting tumor specific MHC/epitope complexes.

Contact: Stephan Thorgrimsen, CEO: sthor [ at ]


INC Research/inVentiv Health
In oncology clinical trials the adoption of a robust imaging protocol with high standard quality of image acquisition and use of appropriate  imaging response criteria is essential  to the assessment of response.  INC Research/ inVentiv Health is able to offer  a holistic approach to image management together with our strategic partner Median Technologies. Our alliance combines INC Research/inVentiv Health’s global leadership in managing Oncology trials with Median’s advanced imaging technology and services, which address two of the primary issues confronting imaging-based oncology trials today: significant variability among radiological assessments and cumbersome data workflows.
We describe the expertise needed to ensure the best conditions to assess the benefits of a compound, such as focusing on the right criteria for different cancers or therapies (i.e. immune oncology) and early operational planning for imaging trials.
Network objective
INC Research/ inVentiv Health are open to collaborations with biotech and pharmaceutical organisations at all stages of clinical development. Our focused expertise within oncology coupled with our global reach will allow us to be your trusted partner from lab to life.
Contact: Jane Bentley, Vice President, Clinical Development, INC Research/ inVentiv Health,


KLIFO A/S is the leading onco-immuno consulting company offering expertise within all areas of drug development. Our company comprises:
– Drug Development Counselling by senior advisors
– CMC Development Services from candidate selection to market
– Clinical Trial Services bringing expertise in trial conduct, eClinical covering data management and systems, and pharmacovigilance from development across life cycle including QPPV
– Regulatory Affairs Services offering all aspects of regulatory work from strategic advice to submission of Orphan Drug Designation, IND and CTA
– Clinical Trial Supply providing services across the world

Network objective
KLIFO is advancing  clients’ immuno oncology drug candidates towards the market. We cover CMC, regulatory and clinical strategies in addition to  scientific advice and trial conduct.  Our goal is to find the right solution for our clients  bringing them a step in the right direction.

Contact: Michael Gerstenberg, Project Director, DDC, Lisbet Vandvig, Vice President, CTS: Lisbet.Vandvig [ at ]

Larix A/S is a full-service Nordic CRO with offices in Medical Valley offering assistance in all aspects of clinical trials (studies). Our highly motivated and professional staff has experience in clinical development within oncology medicinal products, – and devices. Larix provides you with flexible solutions tailored to your needs, e.g. we can support a full service study or you can outsource specific tasks and/or in-source a consultant part/full time. Our customers are companies  from the smallest biotech/medical device to the major pharmaceutical companies.

Network objective
To support and collaborate within the network with our expertise, and to move the pharmaceutical and medical device oncology industry forward with a high quality. To build sustainable cooperation’s through all phases.

Contact: Dorthe Grønnegaard Mejer, Vice President, Clinical Development: dgm [ at ]  


Link Medical Research is the quickest growing full service CRO in Northern Europe. Link Medical Research has Offices in Malmö, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Berlin. We focus on what we do best and that is:

– Support to Small Pharma and Biotech Companies from late pre-clinical to exit or launch with a full service solution.
– Support Medical Device Companies from idea to market with a full service solution.
– Support all Life Science Companies by providing experienced consultants in all roles in Regulatory and Clinical development through insourcing agreements.
– Support all Life Science Companies in all aspects of Regulatory Affairs.

Network objective
– Learn how we can support small and mid size Life Science Companies from Idea to and beyond launch
– increase our awareness of cutting-edge Companies and Research currently ongoing
– Learn more about possible partners in early development of both pharmaceuticals and medical device that can complete our portfolio of offers to Life Science Companies

Contact: Jan Hellqvist, General Manager, Link Medical Research: jan [at]

LU Innovation is the hub for innovation and commercialization at Lund University. We work with the University’s researchers and students to bring benefit and growth to society.

Our goal and mission is to contribute to increased growth in Sweden by ensuring knowledge and research from Lund University benefit society. By supporting and developing research findings with researchers and students we work to lead more ideas to company formations and/or licensing deals.

Network objective
To have a regional platform for exchanging ideas relating to cancer research.

Contact: Johanna Asklin, Innovation Manager: johanna.asklin [at]


The newly established preclinical HyperPolarised-MR platform at BMC implements a novel technology for supersensitive molecular MR Imaging. The method is based on the recently invented technique for magnetic hyper-polarisation of molecules, which opens possibility of using MRI for in-vivo metabolic imaging of biomarkers. The method was recently
validated in prostate cancer clinical trials at UCSF, and has potential to revolutionise diagnostic radiology by opening a window into real-time tissue metabolism.

Network objective
The HP-MR unit welcomes collaboration opportunities with oncology groups. We want to apply our method in studies of preclinical cancer models in cell and in vivo, develop new molecular biomarkers applicable to diagnostics and monitoring of different
cancer types.


Medeon Science Park & Incubator provides a creative environment for new and established companies. More than 60 businesses, with over 450 employees are connected to the science park. Our focus is directed at knowledgeintensive businesses within 188金宝搏 : pharmaceutical development, medical technology, biotechnology and health care. The location is in Malmö, right at the centre of the Öresund region and bang in the middle of Medicon Valley – the geographical area which is home to most of Scandinavia’s 188金宝搏 firms.

Network objective
It’s one important piece in the process of helping our companies in their development phase and also an excellent enlargement of our networks.

Contact: Ulf G Andersson, CEO: ulf.g.andersson [ at]
Catrine Pauckstadt, Communications Manager: catrine.pauckstadt [ at]


Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) is a non-profit membership organization in the Danish-Swedish 188金宝搏 cluster Medicon Valley. Our 240+ members include the region´s leading universities, hospitals, and private sector 188金宝搏 industry. MVA serves as the regional 188金宝搏 professional “market place” for the exchange of knowledge, networks and contacts and we create value for our members by hosting, promoting and facilitating meetings, networks, events, and projects, that serve to strengthen professional collaboration in the regions 188金宝搏 eco-system.

Network objective
Bring together industry, academia and health care to stimulate development, commercialization and growth within the region’s oncology system.

Contact: Sophie Labrosse, Senior Project Manager: sol [ at ]


Lack of efficacy remains the biggest attrition factor in drug development due to our inability to identify the patients that truly benefit from a particular therapy. OncoSignature is taking a novel, pathway-based approach to identify the responsive patients prior to treatment, for a successful outcome.
Through integration of differential global phospho-proteomics, intact tissue-based imaging and systems biology, we identify drug-tailored, efficacy-predictive biomarker signatures and
develop clinical assays for accelerated clinical proof-of-concept for cancer therapeutics.

Network Objective
OncoSignature is seeking exciting collaborations and partnerships for the discovery and development of optimized response-predictive biomarkers and biomarker-driven clinical
strategies, with biotech/pharma in the oncology therapeutics field.

Contact: Kristina Masson, Co-Founder and President: Kmasson [ at ]

PRA Health Sciences is a world leading global CRO offering outsourced clinical development services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and is comprised of 13,000+ employees covering 85+ countries. As a recognized leader in conducting complex, global oncology/hematology trials, PRA has contributed to the approval of 16 important drugs. During the last five years, PRA has participated in over 400 oncology and hematology clinical projects globally in every phase and virtually every indication, including supportive care.

Network objective
PRA Health Sciences is committed to moving drug discovery forward. Working side-by-side with our partners across the 188金宝搏 s sector we help develop life-saving and life-improving drugs.

Contact: Ingegerd Dalfelt, Senior Manager, Clinical Operations Scandinavia: DalfeltIngegerd [ at ]


SARomics Biostructures is one of the small fast-growing biotech companies in Lund, Sweden. SARomics has attracted significant funding for its research programs and is currently and has been involved in six international research initiatives aiming to discover leads for new medicines. In parallel the company has built a global reputation for its structure-based drug design skills and is currently supporting clients in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America to pursue their drug discovery objectives.

Network objective
We are seeking partners for our NIK inhibitor program who are interested to co-finance a spin-out, seeking to in-license an early pre-clinical compound or who are interested in engaging in a sponsored research collaboration.

Contact: Björn Walse, CEO: bjorn.walse  [ at ]


Spago Nanomedical AB develops nanomaterials for diagnosis and therapy of cancer. SpagoPix, with product candidate SN132D, is a tumor selective contrast agent with exceptional signal strength for MRI diagnosis of cancer. Tumorad is a radionuclide therapy for treatment of solid tumors. Based on our proprietary nanoparticles and expert capabilities in chemistry and nanomedicine we aim to develop our projects into clinical trials prior to outlicensing or strategic partnering for further development to registration and commercialization.  

Network objective To interact and exchange information regarding collaborations, business opportunities, and science in order to facilitate project development within our company and others.

Contact: Mats Hansen, CEO 


Taconic Biosciences has been a leading provider of research models for over 60 years. Through all six decades, we’ve had a singular mission—to create a difference in human health by providing the best, most relevant mouse and rat models to researchers in the 188金宝搏 community.

Network objective
Modern oncology, infectious disease, and immunology research requires specialized mouse models. We have several of these models and are looking for partners to collaborate with using them in new ways within the Oncology field.

Contact: Anne Edenro, Strategic Account Manager: anne.edenro [ at ]


TFS was founded in 1996 and has grown to become the leading global mid-size clinical CRO focusing on small and mid-size 188金宝搏 customers. TFS employs more than 800 professionals throughout 21 countries and currently delivers clinical research services in more than 40 countries. We can provide end-to-end solutions or flexible single services. Our partnering approach with customers is based on – commitment, flexibility and value creation. Our core therapeutic specialties are Oncology, Immunology and Dermatology.

Network objective
TFS welcomes collaboration opportunities with biotech and pharma companies planning trials within oncology. We welcome early discussions with the hopes to be part of the planning and set up of the trial but also companies in a later development stage.
Contact: Christina Bohlin, Associate Director, Business Development, christina.bohlin  [ at ]


Truly Labs AB is a CRO, located at Medicon Village, that provides customized in vitro and in vivo services and has extensive experience in the immuno-oncology area. The Truly Labs’ team has a solid track record with scientific and experimental expertise and we offer a range of services in immuno-oncology area eg. CDX and syngeneic mouse models, PK/PD analysis, small animal optical imaging, multicolor Flow Cytometry analysis, ELISA, Cell-based assays, RT-PCR and more.

Network Objective
With a long experience from drug research & development, working with both small molecules and biologics, we hope to interact and establish valuable collaborations in the MVA oncology network.
We look for the opportunity to support your oncology project. 

Contact: Karin von Wachenfeldt, CEO: Karin [ at ]

At Section for Molecular Disease Biology/Translational Cancer Research at Institute of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen & Danish Cancer Society, we develop cancer biomarkers and novel ways to treat cancer. The two major interests are: Preventive Cancer medicine and Targeting Drug Resistance Mechanisms.

Network objective
We wish collaboration with other cancer researchers, biotech companies and pharma Industry within cancer treatment as well as organizations dealing with patent issues and clinical trials. In particular, we wish contact with companies being at an early stage anti-cancer drug development.

Contact: Prof. Nils Brünner: nbr [ at ]


Vibrosense Dynamics AB
Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is one of the most severe problems for cancer survivors and is affecting between 40% and 70% of these patients.
VibroSense Meter® can detect pre-symptomatic signs of sensory neuropathy and present a quantitative measure of the patient’s neuro-sensory status so that chemotherapy treatment can be personalized for best effect with lesser neuropathies. This method can also be used in clinical trials to quantify neurological drug effects (or drug side effects).
Vibrosense Dynamics AB is located at Medeon Science Park in Malmö. The company is listed on Aktietorget.

Network objective
Vibrosense welcomes collaboration opportunities with biotech, clinical researchers and academia especially those with and interest in the neuro-toxic effects of drugs.

Contact: Ulf Rogers, Senior Director Sales and Marketing: [ at ]


Xintela AB develops novel therapies within regenerative medicine and oncology based on a unique integrin marker technology platform, focusing on two areas of high unmet medical need – osteoarthritis (OA) and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)
In oncology, Xintela is developing an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) therapy targeting integrin α10β1 for treatment of GBM, offering a promising first-in-class therapy for this disease. Xintela recently demonstrated preclinical PoP in an animal model of glioblastoma. We are now looking for partners/investors to take this project towards clinical trials. In addition, our integrin marker technology is of interest also for other indications in oncology.

Network objective
The purpose of participating in the networking meeting is to expand our contacts, inspire and get inspired and as part of our global surveillance, share the experiences of others within the oncological field.
Contact: Thomas Areschoug, Business Development Manager: thomas [ at ]
Rickard Mosell, Business Operations Manager: rickard [ at ]

World Courier is a global specialty logistics company that designs world-class logistics and supply chain programs in complete alignment with our customers’ business goals. Pharmaceutical companies rely on us because they value the peace of mind that comes with our unsurpassed knowledge, global reach and flawless supply chain execution.

With 2,000+ associates in more than 140 offices across the globe, we offer solutions that instill confidence in the on-time, on-temperature delivery of high-value products.

Network objective
World Courier wishes to participate in the network to meet new partners. We aim to support the knowledge transfer in specialized logistics and enhance the discussion on logistical and regulatory challenges companies face when conducting clinical trials in oncology and shipping valuable clinical samples.

Contact: Simon Nord, Key Account Manager: snord [ at ]