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Visual Story  has produced a variety of visual communication products and services for 188金宝搏 companies such as  Pfizer, MSD, Leo Pharma, Fertin Pharma and institutions such as The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and  Region Zealand. See our list of references here.

MVA members will get 20 % discount on courses in production of mobile video content and a 20 % discount on the production of high quality online movies – see course description and description of online movies below

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Course: The Mobile Story
– Stories told in live images here and now with an iPhone

A mobile video is a story told by an employee that shoots, edits and posts the story using their iPhone. It is a present and involving form of communication that reflects the company and the organization in a credible and authentic way.
The Mobile Story is a crash course on how to use an iPhone in relation to personal communications. Course participants can, for example, be managers, mid-level managers or other key employees who would like to send personal messages within the organization
The course teaches students to prepare, shoot and edit short movies of approximately 1 – 1.5 minutes. The course has focus on both the technical side of the task and to train the participants to prepare and deliver their messages in a short and convincing way. The course participants are working on the basis of video media in its most simple form: The spoken message that does not use cutaway images and picture stories.

Course Prices

  • Description
    The participants produce two videos on the course,
    which they can use in the company’s communications.
    The course is held at the customer’s location
  • Prices (excl. VAT)
    Member price DKK 7.200 incl. preparation and materials
    Regular price DKK 9.000
    Duration: 1 day2 – 10 participants

Structure & Learning Objectives
Strategy: The course’s goals and objectives are determined according to the company’s requirements.

»  Development: Participants learn to work with structure and to use the camera in relation to a defined task. The participants get an understanding of image, light, sound and camera.

»  Recordings: The participants learn to work with interview, direction and camera.

»  Editing: The participants edit in the video editing software iMovie

»  Distribution: The videos are distributed.

Visual Story Underviser          Visual Story Undervisning

Benefits of The Mobile Story

» Modern digital communications.
» Involvement and motivation.
» Great effect – little cost. 
» Greater impact and more viewers.

Let Visual Story produce your online stories!
– High quality online movies

Visual Story can help you communicate with your target audience with accurate online movies in high quality at a low price.

  • Description
    »  Research and manuscript
    »  Interview and video shooting
    »  Editing
    »  Approval/ Correction
  • Prices (excl. VAT)

    Member price DKK 7.200 (incl. preparation and materials)
    Regular price DKK 9.000
    Duration: 1 – 2 minutes 

A good online movie must:

  • Be able to capture and grip busy people.
  • Work on a mobile media.
  • Be simple, short and precise.
  • Tell a good story.
  • Be narrated with a spark.

A good online movie is able to:

  • Brand: Create or support a unique image in the mind of a target group.
  • Create an understanding of the vision, the mission and values.
  • Support change: Somebody needs to do something different than what they do today or do what they do, but with a different mindset.
  • Strengthen culture: Create shared stories.
  • Share knowledge and practice.
  • Raise awareness about something new.

Images from an online movie created with Visual Story about being dyslexic

Visual Story Web-film om ordblinde 1      Visual Story Web-film om ordblinde 2

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