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HCTI & Medicon Valley Alliance
The Medicon Valley Alliance Human Clinical Trials Insurance Scheme (MVA-HCTI) can through QBE Insurance Group, provide you with easily accessible insurance coverage for your human clinical trials.

MVA-HCTI will cater for almost all types of clinical trials, performed in almost any country around the world and with attractive limits, premiums and conditions. It serves two main purposes; to provide a competitive insurance solution for you as the insured and to save you time and money.

If you are already a part of the MVA-HCTI Scheme, log-in here.


The Advantages
Whether single or multi-center, local or geographically spread, large or smaller trial populations the MVA-HCTI Scheme can benefit you. The advantages are:

Lower premiums – compared to standard underwriting premiums
Broad coverage – one insurance program that covers all of your sites
Easy access and time-saving setup – web-based request for participation and quote within 5 working days

How to Participate
In order to save time, we will make an initial evaluation of Sponsor and trial eligibility for the insurance scheme. For that you need to download and fill out the Request for Participation and send it to Claus Højlund at ch@www.chfest.com.

Download Request for Participation Form.

Once participation have been granted you will gain access to the closed MVA-HCTI insurance page where you will find:

  • All questionnaires and forms necessary for the Insurers to provide a quote or amend a certificate or policy
  • Detailed description of the insurance program, its administration and the actual policy documents

Insurance quotations will be provided, typically within 5 working days from receipt of all necessary information. If Sponsor chooses to participate, Certificate(s) of Insurance will be issued immediately after formal acceptance.

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Claus Højlund
Medicon Valley Alliance +45 4010 8090

Lone Hertz
Hertz & Co. Forsikringsrådgivere +45 4556 6000

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) markets eligible Sponsors insurance coverage for insurable Human Clinical Trials under the MVA-HCT program (hereinafter the Insurance Program). MVA assumes no liability of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly, for the contents, adequacy, applicability or suitability of the Insurance Program. Furthermore MVA assumes no liability for premium payment, claims reporting and handling. Each Sponsor (or his representative) will be solely responsible for evaluating whether or not the Insurance Program is adequate for the specific insured trial, whether or not the limit and conditions are acceptable. Furthermore each Sponsor is responsible for payment of the quoted and accepted premiums and to handle claims directly with the Insurers.

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