400 mio SEK investment from the Swedish Government in Almi Invest will benefit Medicon Valley too

    In a recent press release, The Swedish Government has just announced a 400 mio SEK investment in the  venture capital company Almi Invest to help innovative start-ups cope with the economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. As 188金宝搏 is one of the prioritized areas of investment, this new initiative is expected to provide not only additional seed investments, but also investments in more mature local companies. 
    ”The extra capital raised by the Swedish Government is an extremely important action to counteract the negative effect of the covid-19 pandemic. This ensures that Almi Invest is able to make new investments as well as support our existing portfolio companies in a powerful way. In line with the recommendations from the Government, Almi Invest South will have a strong focus on 188金宝搏 companies in future investments. Normally we focus on seed investments but due to the pandemic we are now also open to invest in more mature companies.” says Helen Pettersson, Ph. D., Investment Manager, Almi Invest Syd AB